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    KS - Fake Kansas trooper terrorizes Midwestern motorists

    Kansas agencies looking for man posing as trooper (Kansas City Star)
    Law enforcement agencies across Kansas are looking for a man posing as a
    Highway Patrol trooper and driving a white Crown Victoria after a driver reported being pulled over and handcuffed this week.

    Officials said they also are investigating whether the traffic stop Monday on Kansas 14, two miles northwest of Nashville in southern Kansas, is related to an incident earlier this month in Miami County, in which someone posing as an officer pulled a woman over and sexually assaulted her.

    In both cases, the suspect was described as a white man, around 5 feet 10 inches tall, with facial hair and driving a white Crown Victoria. In Monday's incident, the victim reported being pulled over around 2:30 p.m. by a car with a light bar on top and the words “Highway State Trooper” on the driver's side door.
    more at the link

    The second incident is about 240 miles southwest of the sexual assault.

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    This terrifies me!

    My mom used to tell me when i first started driving (we lived in Wichita, at that time) that if I was to ever get pulled over that I should keep driving, cautiously, until there were at least 2 police cars behind me. I always thought she was crazy, I mean afterall I was only 16.

    I still do not think I could ever really do this, but after hearing stories like this, it does make you wonder.

    I think I remember hearing within the last two weeks on our local news that there were reports of the same thing happening in Tulsa, OK.

    It really is something to be aware of!

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    Yes, agreed, especially as this guy's range seems to cover lots of KS territory.

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