Kia turned 25 and a big house party was held

At about 2:30 AM a gunman shot into a corwd of people who were hovering outside and five were shot.

The DJ at the party said in his five years doing parties he's been at numerous where gunfire broke out.

More at link inclduing a woman saying young men can't get jobs and the government is giving them guns. Well, if ya ain't got a job how are you affording to buy a gun on the street?

JMO, but the DJ was winding down about that hour and people were hanging out. How ya playing music at that hour when you have neighbors and did they ever think maybe somone wanted to sleep and got pizzzzed and came out shooting? It didn't happen that way, come on.

Prayers for those hit. Young people way too young to be worrying about getting shot although the sad reality is it happenes all the time.