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    The Amador connection

    Amador Valley Highschool is in Pleasanton California. As mentioned, I had discovered my POI went there and that one of the Zodiac letters came from that city/town.
    I think that the church killing of a woman where she was killed similarly to how Linda Blair was violated in the EXCORCIST MOVIE is another crime the Zodiac committed, or at least someone connected to Amador Valley High commited, here is why I thinks so:
    The victim was stripped of her pants and then, her legs were spread apart. She was bluntly molested with a 30 inch candle, then a candle was stuck between the breasts and her hands crossed over her chest
    Her pants were then placed in reverse, making a diamond pattern according to cops, but I see the Amador Valley High School dons emblem. See illustration below.This is how I interpret the released information of that crimesee photo from paint )
    (I can not gaurantee this was how it exactly looked, I can not find a document with exact description or a photo, just that the pants were reversed upside down and crossed over the legs to form a diamond. But look closer
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    I believe the church killing also was where the perp left prints. The discription of the suspect matches my POI from what was released by the police(MHO).

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