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    Smile In The Spirit Of "Rocky" Woman Witch Cerebal Palsy Climbs Art Museum Steps

    Glenda Hyatt aged 44 has cerebal palsy, but that did not stop her from getting up the 72 steps to Philadelphia's Art Museum Rocky style.


    Bless her and all the people that took part in helping this courageous woman known as the "Left Thumb Blogger"

    Some great photographs here including this little kid from New Jersey holding a sign saying "Go Glenda".

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    From the link above:

    Hyatt's condition, a result of oxygen deprivation during birth, has affected her speech, muscle coordination, and balance. She has been labeled functionally nonverbal and uses a wheelchair or scooter. She often uses a text-to-speech application to communicate. She types with one finger.

    Her achievements themselves - bachelor's degree, marriage, successful career - defy the conventional wisdom of 44 years ago, when doctors told her parents to institutionalize her.

    They didn't. Instead, her family immersed her in activities. She camped, rode horses, and went snowshoeing.
    What a woman! I always admire those who overcome difficulties in life...types a blog with one finger! Great feel good story...

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