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    NM - Shiprock - NtvAmFem in canal - Jul'12 - Brenda Karen Nez

    >>SHIPROCK, N.M. -Authorities are seeking to identify a woman whose body was found in an irrigation canal in Shiprock. The FBI says no one matching the woman's description has been reported missing in the area.The woman is believed to be Native American and was wearing a yellow T-shirt, blue denim shorts and Nike running shoes. Her hair was braided.Federal and tribal authorities aren't releasing a cause of death but say she might have been dead for up to 40 hours before she was found Sunday morning.<<
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    I do hope they can identify her so that she can get back to her family. They need to have ceremony and say their goodbyes.

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    Body Found in Shiprock Canal Last Month IDd

    By ABQnews Staff on Fri, Aug 17, 2012
    POSTED AT: 2:03 pm

    The body of Brenda Karen Nez, 47, of Shiprock............

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