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    PE - Bodies of 2 U.S. climbers found on Palcaraju in Peru's Cordillera Blanca range

    Two U.S. climbers who disappeared on 20,000ft glacier-capped peak in Peru have been found dead (Sunday Mail)
    Gil Weiss wrote a chilling blog post just a day before the men disappeared on a 20,000-foot glacier-capped peak in Peru. A rumination posted by Mr Weiss on mountaineering blog suggests the New Yorker suspected the Peruvian conquest may be his last.

    'I sit here in a coffee shop in Huaraz, Peru, planning another foray into the Cordillera Blanca,' Mr Weiss wrote on July 10, 'where the sense that one's life is in the hands of the mountains can be as blinding as the endless white glaciers, and a thirst for glory can darken our better judgment more than the blackness of night.'
    the rest of the story, with pictures, at link above

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