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    TN - Jealous Man Punches Woman over Romney FB Post



    Forty-year-old Lowell Turpin had confronted his live-in girlfriend, Crystal Gray, after spotting a photo of a man who he did not recognize on her Facebook page. Gray quickly explained the photo was of presidential contender Mitt Romney.
    According to a police report obtained by the Smoking Gun, Turpin was upset Gray was "attempting to communicate with friends" through her account and began “smashing the laptop against the wall." He then struck Gray on "the right side of her face, near her mouth, with a closed fist.”

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    Jealous?? Over Romney?? Romney is white bread, nothing to look at and nothing interesting.

    I hope Crystal dumped the jerk.

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    Some of the comments speak for me. Especially he doesn't look like he knows how to read, and the Lord please let him be sterile.


    A 310 pound man hits you with his fist and catches your face with the keyboard? Hopefully this time this poor woman will go through the entire process so she remains alive. Thankfully I don't understand this as in I have never been in this position, but he has to go to sleep. He wouldn't be the first man my mom would give a hot foot to.

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