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    Missing NY swimmer trying to disappear?

    Raymond Roth goes missing on a Saturday while swimming with son, caught speeding on thursday.


    So I wonder if he was trying to disappear himself? Some sort of fraud scheme?

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    Long Island wife foils husband's beach drowning fake out

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/08/04...#ixzz22dLgpxfl

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    Raymond Roth

    Quote Originally Posted by Mountain_Kat View Post
    ::walks by and throws this into the crockpot::

    that guy tried to fake his own death


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    A Long Island man who faked his own death was so enraged when the scheme came to light that he threatened to kill his son, the younger man told The Post.

    Jonathan Roth was not sure why his father, Raymond, wanted to kill him.
    But Jonathan’s stepmom has a theory: She thinks Jonathan shattered his father’s plot by leaving the home computer on, allowing her to discover a series of incriminating e-mails between the duo.

    Jonathan Roth, 22, claims he’s in hiding, living in fear ever since his dad called him four days after he mysteriously disappeared after faking his drowning.

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/d...#ixzz22h7M3ZfS

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    Why havent they arrested this father?
    Women are Angels.
    And when someone breaks our wings,
    we simply continue to fly... on a broomstick.

    We're flexible like that.

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    Well, it seems Mr Raymond Roth has ties to Massapequa, Jones Beach(specifically FIELD 6), NYC and Florida was fired from his job, his wife (not a first wife) has a Russian name, Evana, may have been abused by him and his son says he threatened him in recent emails.
    Wondering what Mr Roth may have done for a living before getting fired? "A LinkedIn page for Roth said he worked for Level 3 Communications, a telecommunications company. A company spokesman declined to comment."

    And there is more!!!
    Nassau County Police said Friday that Roth recently had been required to surrender a handgun and his pistol license after a harassment complaint was filed against him in New York City. Details of the complaint were not immediately available.

    Evana Roth said she knew nothing of the circumstances until police officers came to her home last month requesting the handgun and license.

    "I couldn't tell you, he didn't talk to me, we didn't have that type of marriage," she said. "I only heard when cops showed up to take the license and pistol away."

    In this article it is interesting that he instructs his son to go to a payphone or borrow his friend's phone. "There needs to be a way to find out how things are going. Call me Sunday night at the resort," the first email said. "go to a pay phone or borrow your friends phone. You must call within 15 minutes of the determined time to call in order to be sure i will be available."

    When the son came out and said that he had not seen these emails the father contacted the son and supposedly said abusive things about his manhood and that, in summary, one of them was going to die. "

    Jon Roth also told the New York Post that he received a threatening voice mail from his father saying: “Still not a man, huh, Jonathan? Can’t even answer your own phone . . . Listen, tough guy. You say you’ve been to the Marines and you can kill and everything else. When I get back, you are gonna do just that. One of us is going to die.”

    Now it seems Mr Roth and his son's whereabouts are unknown. According to the NY Post, the son is in hiding. The father hasn't been heard from since Friday when he "drunk called" his wife.


    Originally, Roth was "...feared lost after authorities spent days searching the waters off Jones Beach’s Field 6,"

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/d...#ixzz22hfCmwxB

    And there is more: He was born in 1964...he is 48 years old and per his son

    "The son also couldn’t explain why his father, whom he described as an abusive alcoholic, would be mad enough to make threats.
    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/d...#ixzz22hg5kGe7

    The wife's lawyer says he broke Evana's nose once. And in another article says he "persuaded her to sign over her home, which was in her name only, to him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Just K View Post
    Well, it seems Mr ....
    Outstanding, well done, post of the week. Merely clicking the "thank you" option was not enough this time 'round. Could get interesting.

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    " Officials investigating the disappearance of a Long Island man who seemed to try to fake his own death last week said on Saturday that he had returned to New York, but that they had not decided whether to charge him with a crime."


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    Thanks Nugster, some articles make it appear as if LE doesn't know exactly where he is but this is also very interesting from the NYT's article:

    "In a news conference on Friday, Ms. Roth described her husband as a verbally abusive alcoholic. She said she did not know why he tried to fake his death, though she said he was fired on July 20, shortly after he had threatened to shoot two supervisors.

    Mr. Roth turned over a licensed gun he owned on July 21, after a police inquiry.

    Mr. Leeds said Ms. Roth had given away four other firearms that Mr. Roth had owned. He said Ms. Roth would seek a divorce and attempt to regain full ownership of the family’s home. She said that Mr. Roth had coerced her into transferring the home into both their names in April."

    and this:"Detective Thomas Duignan of the New York State Park Police ...confirmed Roth, an unemployed telecommunications manager from Massapequa, had returned to New York but could not give further details."

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    Last thing about Mr Roth: Level3 Communications is headquartered in the Murray Hill section of Manhattan. Wiki (I know...I'll get a better source) describes Murray Hill:
    "Frank P. Vardy, the demographer for the City Planning Commission, said that the traditional boundary is within East 34th Street, East 40th Street, Madison Avenue, and Third Avenue. The neighborhood is part of Manhattan Community Board 6."

    "Level 3 locations are at 111 8th Ave., 3rd floor, New York, NY 10011, 60 Hudson St., New York, NY 10013, and 100 William St., #19, New York, NY 10038. The Level 3 Network operates as one of the largest IP transit networks in North America and Europe. The Level 3 Network was designed to maximize coverage, performance, flexibility and scalability."


    Level 3 Communications Launches New York City Facility
    Company Obtains Franchise From City of New York
    Feb 9, 1999

    NEW YORK, February 9, 1999 – Level 3 Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: LVLT), today announced that it has obtained clearances from the city of New York to install a fiber optic network in New York City. Initially, the
    Level 3 network will be installed in the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. Additionally, the company has begun providing select telecommunications services in the New York metropolitan area, as part of its national city roll-out.

    Per Intelius: He is 47 (one listing says 48)and has lived in:
    Raymond J Roth
    Raymond J Ruth
    Massapequa, NY
    North Bellmore, NY
    Merrick, NY
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    Quote Originally Posted by songline View Post
    Why havent they arrested this father?
    Not sure if he has done anything illegal...

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    more than 20 years ago a man was with his family in the Far Rockaways. He jumped in the water and swam to Atlantic Beach and never stopped until he got to Chicago. He turned up years later on a fluke. Insurance money was paid and spent.

    Now let us turn to another disappearance of far greater interest to the topic at hand.

    Jerry Steuerman owed seymour tankleff $500,000.00 for monies lent to him for his business and the construction of his private home. Seymour had a card game one night as he did most every week. All the regulars attended, included JS. JS was seen to be the last person leaving the game that night at about 3am. Seymour was beaten to a pulp and had his throat slashed. Mrs.Tankleff suffered the same injuries and was DOA at the scene. Seymour was taken to a hospital and lingered for about month. He never recrovered from his coma.

    A week of so after the murder, JS decided he was getting 'too much pressure' as he was a suspect in the murders. Even though the son of the tanlkleffs allegedly confessed to the crime and was arrested, it just was too much pressure for JS to endure. He takes his car to the Airport Diner on 454, leaves the door open with the motor running and disappears.

    The cops find JS in California. He changed his ID and replaced his hair plugs.

    Sgt.Doyle, Det.McCready and ADA Jabonski hop on a plane to get JS to return to NY. He is assured he isn't going to be charged. in fact McCready tells everyone that JS wouldn't hurt a fly. He also said he DIDN'T know Jerry. Just too many people i have spoken to personally tell me otherwise. Visit the Strathmore Bagel Shop on 347 and ask the new owner if he would tell you who put up the cabinets in the store. Tell him you like the job so much you want to hire this guy. Ask for Freddie, the owner.

    I thought I would squeeeeeeeze that one to let you people know is what you see or what you think you see in Suffolk County is not always what it is.

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    Being a douchebag should be illegal!!
    The above post is as always MY OPINION ONLY!

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    Here is Raymond Roth Google+ profile picture:


    And here is his bizz profile with lots of info CV etc.:


    Raymond Roth
    Sr. Mgr. Procurement at Level 3 Communications

    Greater New York City Area

    In the LISK active period he was, according to his profile, working at:

    VP, Logistics
    Genesis Networks
    Public Company; 10,001+ employees; LVLT; Telecommunications industry

    February 2005 – March 2011 (6 years 2 months)

    Project Manager for all New York
    RCN Corp.

    August 2000 – November 2006 (6 years 4 months)

    I was responsible for a team of about 30 installers and repairmen as well as all new projects in NY.
    This included all Level 3, the Electricians Union, and different Telco's for Right of Ways.
    Hi, english is not my first language so please bear with me

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    Another Link:

    It appears the Genesis Networks (a subsidiary of Global Crossings), where Mr Roth was VP, joined Level 3. "...in the fall of 2011, Level 3 and Global Crossing joined forces. The new integrated network united Level 3’s broad, deep U.S. and European footprint with Global Crossing’s extensive international, intercity network. Continuing to operate under the name of Level 3, this new kind of company featured more than 450 core network markets in North America, EMEA, Latin America and Asia, as well as a total of ~100,000 route miles. Level 3. If one follows the link to Genesis it now takes you to a Level 3 corporate (About us) http://www.gen-networks.com

    Before joining with Level 3 http://investing.businessweek.com/re...vcapId=7704338
    Genesis Networks, Inc. was founded in 2001 and is based in New York, New York. Genesis Networks, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Global Crossing Ltd.

    1 Penn Plaza

    Suite 4530
    New York, NY 10119
    United States
    Founded in 2001

    Mr Roth lived and went to school in Ft Lauderdale, Florida
    is a Knights of Columbus member
    has a Catering Background " he assisted with many banquets, barbecues and fundraising events for Knights of Columbus. " http://www.cambridgepublicrelations.com/Raymond-J-Roth
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