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    Cat survives three frigid days in snowbank

    SUMMERSIDE, P.E.I. (CP) - Colby is one cool cat.

    The Siamese spent three bone-chilling days buried in a snowbank in Summerside - and lived to meow about it.

    Fourteen-year-old Colby wandered off from his home in the east end of Summerside during Monday's blizzard.

    There was a wind chill of about -27.

    On Wednesday, the cat's owner heard a faint meow from a snowbank next to her home and there, inside, was Colby.

    "I heard the noise and then there was a little, tiny smidge of a hole," said Marlene Cameron. "It must have been an air hole for him to breathe.

    "And I just dug down and pulled him out. I'll tell you, I was awfully glad to see that big, brown, furry face!"

    She said she bundled Colby up and took him to the vet for a checkup. The feisty feline is now doing just fine.


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    Why was that silly cat in a snow bank when the house was nearby?

    It reminds me of a cat I previously had. One day it was out when a big rainstorm moved in. Rather than run for the safety and dryness of the apt. bldg. which was not far away, it stood out in a garden area and got soaking wet, until I went out and retreived it.
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