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    Zodiac Victim-Paul Lee Stine(taxi cab driver) S.F.-Little known fact.

    Paul Lee Stine had a job starting with the San Francisco Chronicle a couple of days after his death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acmeintuitiveenergy View Post
    Paul Lee Stine had a job starting with the San Francisco Chronicle a couple of days after his death.
    Interesting. I discovered that one of the victims was an eagle scout and that he was in troop 12. Did Paul Stine ever have anything to do with the Boy scouts? I wonder if our mystery man had any connections to the scouts himself, because of the complex knots found in the bindings of the victims. I believe the knots are important as well.
    The shirt cloth. Isn't there an old scout mission or something about cloth as a BAND AID? I am not sure, I have CRS from back when I was a cubscout(never made it to the Boy Scouts) you know Zodiac mentions booboos.
    I believe the Killer was an EAGLE SCOUT. Oh, yeah, shirt for a turniquet(hope I spelled that right).
    And SFC. I keep thinking SFC id important in a code some how. Maybe SFC is KFC?
    Just a thought on SF , hope I didn't thow you off your thought bro. You did mention SFC and there may be a connection to SFC with all the victims(just a thought, but many tie to SF). It may turn out to be an important discovery. I wonder if the killer knew him personally. This may be why he was allowed to sit in the front seat? I think they were friends and Paul Stine didnt even see it coming. He may have been pre selected.
    Do you know if Paul Stine ever smoked pot or did drugs? Could they have been doing a drug deal? I wish not to smear Pauls image as a citizen(may he rest in Peace), just wondering if theres any knowledge of such a possibility.
    I think the Killer knew all of his victims on a personal basis somehow and that he was stalking them and preselecting them.
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    Paul Syine a Boy scout/eagle scout?

    I think this is a good question to ask. Is it possible Paul stine himself was a boy/eagle scout? You have dug up much information on Paul. Is it possible?
    Sorry I misspelled Stine in the title, I can not edit it. My eye is getting bad an sometimes without coffee I can not focus..

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