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    WA: John Beavan dob: 3/21/1954; date found: 1/2/2008


    Mr. Beavan is under the jurisdiction of the Spokane County ME's office in Washington State.

    Case number 323

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    Name: John Mace Beavan
    Last Residence: 73106 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma
    Born: 21 Mar 1954
    Died: 2 Jan 2008
    State (Year) SSN issued: Oregon (1969)

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    There are quite a few public records on Mr. Beavan which shows that he moved around quite a bit. There are listings in Washington, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

    1994 is the most recent listing I see on the search I am doing. It lists him as a Jr. with an address in Oklahoma City.

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    Three homeless people have died since January. Two of them, John Mace Beavan and Gary Hanson, were chronically homeless alcoholics who passed out and passed away underneath Interstate 90 downtown.

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    I think his father lived in Idaho:

    Twin Falls News-Times (Idaho) 3/10/64

    Cassia County Burley Justice Court

    John Mace Beavan of Boise, age ?3, failure to register...


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    This is probably the father:

    John M. Beavan

    Birth: Feb. 24, 1929
    Death: Oct. 13, 1987

    US Airforce WW II

    Kuna Cemetery
    Ada County
    Idaho, USA



    Social Security Death Index

    Name: J. M. Beavan
    SSN: 217-XXXXXXX
    Last Residence: 83706 Boise, Ada, Idaho, United States of America
    Born: 24 Jan 1929 <----different date than on tombstone?
    Last Benefit: 83616 Eagle, Ada, Idaho, United States of America
    Died: 15 Oct 1987
    State (Year) SSN issued: Maryland (Before 1951)


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    Military of father:

    Name: Johnny M Beavan
    Birth Year: 1929
    Race: White, citizen (White)
    Nativity State or Country: Kentucky
    State of Residence: Maryland
    County or City: Baltimore City

    Enlistment Date: 11 Mar 1946
    Enlistment State: Maryland
    Enlistment City: Baltimore
    Branch: Air Corps
    Branch Code: Air Corps
    Grade: Private
    Grade Code: Private
    Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for Hawaiian Department
    Component: Regular Army (including Officers, Nurses, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Men)
    Source: Enlisted Man, Regular Army, after 3 months of Discharge

    Education: 1 year of high school
    Civil Occupation: Skilled occupations in production of rubber goods
    Marital Status: Single, without dependents
    Height: 00
    Weight: 005

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    Possible birth of father:

    Kentucky Births

    Name: John M Beavans
    Date of Birth: 24 Feb 1929
    County: Harlan
    Mother's Name: Virna Sowders
    Volume Number: 013
    Certificate Number: 06218
    Volume Year: 1929

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    Sent possible contact info. to Nemo's mom

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