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    OK: Sally Lou Keen dob: 2/20/1950; date found: 6/22/2012


    Ms Keen is under the jurisdiction of the OKlahoma OCME - Eastern Division.

    The remains were found in a recently purchased car.

    information on the deceased: Cremated remains found in a vehicle that had been recently purchased. Container has name "Sally Lou Keen" and date of death or cremation as 03/03/2005, as well as name of funeral home. This individual's date of birth is unknown.

    Contact with Funeral Home indicates that the next of kin are Honey Demille and Kyle Dawson. We are unable to locate/ contact these individuals.

    claimus case 355

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    There is a Honey Hope Dawson DeMille in Provo, UT with a previous OK residence (and on fb). I'm new to this so not certain of next step. thnx

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    next step

    Hi Layla:

    The next step would be to forward your information to the case manager.

    You can do this thru claimus.org or by phone.

    I will be happy to do it for you if you aren't comfortable with this. If you want me to do it, then forward the information to me via pm.

    Thank you for your work for the unclaimed! NM

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