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    PA: Randy E. Phillips dob 9/6/1951; date found 1/28/2011


    Mr. Phillips is under the jurisdiction of the Berks county ME in PA.

    claimus case 363

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    Police are still searching for whoever fatally shot Randy E. Phillips in east Reading five times Friday afternoon.

    The Berks County Coroner's Office said Randy E. Phillips, of 1621 Mineral Spring Road in Reading, was shot five times

    I also found a family tree on Mr. Phillips which lists his death. According to the family tree, he has several living siblings but their identity is private.

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    Send me the link to the tree and I will try to contact the person who created it and let the claimus case manager know. NM

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    I did PM the info to the case manager. Forgot to update here. No info yet.

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