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    MO- Illegal Daycare Provider Under Investigation for Brain Injuries to Babies


    Hi everyone. This case is very personal to me as my grandson, Hunter, is the 2nd baby to leave this daycare in less than a year with a serious brain injury. Our local newspaper did an extensive story on the history of the illegally operated home daycare and it has been covered in the local media. The facebook page went viral when it first went up but now growth has slowed. We are working desperately to convince the local prosecutor to file criminal charges. Please help by reading and spreading this information. We would like to ensure that another baby is never injured while in the care of this woman again.

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    To see documentation of incidents

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    Oh Steph I am so sorry your family has had to go through such trauma. God Bless little Hunter.

    Word will be out. Prayers as well for your little guy. I saw on the FB he's doing better.

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    Thank you Filly. Hunter is doing better but we won't know the extent of his injuries for a very long time. The first baby, who was diagnosed with "abusive head trauma" while in her care is still facing a long list of medical problems. The horror stories from people who have used her have just continued to flood the FB page in postings and private messages.

    I could go on for a very long time about all the things that this woman has done but I am simply going to request that everyone check out the substantiated claims, then visit the FB page, and like & share it on your own walls so it will continue to grow.

    Unfortunately, it appears that a certain amount of pressure will need to be applied before the local prosecutor will take any action. Two 3-month-old babies with severe brain injuries, and 4 referrals for prosecution regarding the operation of an illegal daycare and yet she has never been charged with anything. What will it take? The death of a child? I am doing my best to prevent that. Please help!

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    Steph, I am glad to see you here at Websleuths. I have been following Hunter's case on FB for a while now. You have found a good group of people in the sleuths here and once they have take Hunter to heart will be all about following and sleuthing to ensure justice for the babies that were harmed.
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