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    Angry FL Child Pornography Suspect Says His Life Is Over

    Wahhhhh, call a wahmbulance for Steven Marks a Sunrise used car dealer who is in posession of and shared boat load of child pornigraphy. He says his life is over. Seriously? No, no you're still alive, creeper. You mean your life exploiting little kids ya self serving maniac.


    $100,000 bail. Good.

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    His life is over.

    I don't care, he deserves it, but for once he's telling the truth. Nobody will ever employ him, associate with him, date him, marry him, whoever he lives next door to will shun him. That's it, his life is over.

    And as you said.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Filly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cappuccino View Post
    His life is over.

    If only that were true!

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