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Thread: Woman Drags Carjacker out of Car

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    Woman Drags Carjacker out of Car

    A woman was able to pull a would-be carjacker out of her car, then called deputies who were able to catch the man after a fight.

    Monday morning, Tania Nichols was stopped at a car wash in Cameron Park, which is in El Dorado County. She and her daughters were outside the car getting change when a man jumped into her car.

    Nichols ran back to her car, and was able to drag the man, identified as Daniel Craig Wright, OUT OF HER CAR.

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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    GO!!! I love to hear stories like this...someone fighting back, and winning...and now the bad guy is arrested and behind bars.

    WOOT! Go, Tania. Way to go!!!

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    Good job lady! I love these good stories like this! You go girl.

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