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    MA - Cecelia Yakubu, 58, murdered, Malden, 10 Aug 2012

    Mr Mosely is a serial offender. 16 Years ago, he shot his battered wife in the face just because he could. Once he was let out of prison, he found a new girlfriend (Cecelia Yakubu), and started beating her. He was arrested last year for punching Cecelia in the face, and as is the case with many incidents like these, she refused to press charges.

    No big surprise, he killed her yesterday.

    He called 911 himself, made a full confession to strangling her and then waited for police outside. Pretty much like last time.

    His first wife was never notified that he was released-she thinks now that she saw him hanging around her house, but then again he haunts her dreams.


    Many people will shrug their shoulders and say that Cecelia made her own choices. That she should have pressed charges. What was the point? If he can shoot his wife in the face and get 10 years, what kind of sentence would he have received for a punch in the face? He was going to kill her anyway-it is what he does.

    Lets see what kind of a deal he gets from the DA this time.
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    From May 2014:


    A Malden man is awaiting sentencing after a jury convicted him of first-degree murder in the strangling of his girlfriend.

    Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan announced Saturday that a Middlesex Superior Court jury convicted William Bryant Moseley on Friday.
    Could not find any MSM on sentencing and Massachusetts DOC doesn't provide any additional info, only confirming that Moseley is currently incarcerated.

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