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    SC - Aiden McGrew, 2 mos, mauled to death by dog, 20 April 2012

    Although I could have swore we had a thread about this sweet little baby being mauled and having his leg chewed off while in his swing I didn't find it.

    A few months ago some "dad" turned himself in when his friend's dog had mauled his two month old while wifey had their two year old at a Doctor's appointment.

    An older child when interviewed related hos she saw "mom and dad" having relations with a third woman and also viewed pornography of her parents having sex. WT*?

    Really WTH is going on in this world? Bad enough the a** of a dad went to sleep while his wofe had the baby at an appointment while minding his friend's dog, but more?


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    The mauling story makes no sense to me at all fwiw.

    That poor little girl. How long should we wait for a child porn production charge do you think?
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    It appears the story is there was a new/foster/friends dog in the home. They put Aidan in a swing. The mom left out and the father went into an entirely different room and the dog killed the baby.

    People wanted their heads. They had their kids removed from them and then returned, and now this poor kid saw all that.


    Above link basically says they couldn't even go to the store after this happened. People were judging them.

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    Well, if they thought people were judging them then, I am afraid the report about a young girl allegedly viewing porn and witnessing threesomes are not going to help their image.
    Just my opinion

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