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    PA - Billy Brewster, 36, stabbed to death, Whitehall, 11 Aug 2012

    Cops: Pennsylvania woman stabs fiance to death hours before wedding


    "I ... did … not … kill … him … on … purpose," she said, choking out the words one at a time between sobs.

    Police said the couple were to be married Saturday at 10 a.m.


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    Obviously Na Cola Darcel Franklin was mad at something big time.

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    This link has a picture of the bride along with a few more details. Apparently family was there with the couple the victim was about to go pick up food when the disagreement occurred.

    "Relatives staying with the couple told police that Brewster had announced plans to go out and grab some food for the crowd when an argument ensued, authorities said.

    Then, police said, Monique Kali of Illinois, who was among those visiting for the wedding, said she heard someone yell "Knife!" Kali told police she saw Franklin swinging a knife. Fearing that her husband might be injured, Kali told police, she tackled Franklin, who was then disarmed.

    In the meantime, a bleeding Brewster stumbled out onto the walkway outside the apartment and was found there when police arrived, authorities said. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Among his injuries: A stab wound to the heart, police said."

    How on earth does this happen? How are you one minute with friends and family celebrating getting married in a few hours, then snap to grabbing a knife and stabbing your husband to be?

    I don't think that it is a huge leap to conclude that the bride has some sort of issues such as anger management or jealousy or something that would cause her to grab a knife to deal with a situation and express her problem.


    Cyrus C. convicted of 2004 arson in Harvey, La. that killed 4 people, including his 19-month-old daughter, his teenage girlfriend, the girlfriend's mom and GF's young brother (age 11). He was acquitted in 2008 (state charges) in 2008 and found GUILTY (federal charges) in 2013


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    snipped from SwampMama's post

    "How on earth does this happen? How are you one minute with friends and family celebrating getting married in a few hours, then snap to grabbing a knife and stabbing your husband to be?"

    saw similar things while working in the ER and the OR in the 60's and 70's and usually alcohol was involved .....big time...
    I will never forget the smell of the mixture of blood and alcohol.......and people coming in still yelling and screaming and crying at each other....and personnel trying to sort it all out.
    of course, I don't know what went on here but reading this surely took me back several years........
    whatever happened, it is sad and my guess is,she really did not MEAN to actually KILL him...like she said.....

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    This hits very close to home for me. I live 2 miles away from Whitehall!
    Be Kind to yourself, you are worth it!

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    From July 2013:


    A Lehigh County woman, convicted of killing her fiancι' on their wedding day, said she never meant for it to happen.

    Na Cola Franklin uttered those words right before she was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday. A tearful Franklin apologized to the family of Billy Brewster.

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