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    Kangaroo escapes with help of fox and boar

    A kangaroo is on the run in Germany after breaking out of a wildlife park, with a fox and a wild boar as his suspected accomplices.

    Michael Hoffmann, assistant head of the Hochwildschutzpark Hunsrück west of Frankfurt, said on Monday the male kangaroo was one of three that escaped overnight on Saturday with the inadvertent help of the menagerie that lives in the local woods.

    Hoffmann said the kangaroos got out of their enclosure after a young fox snuck into the park and dug a hole next to the cage's fencing. Two of the three were then able to escape the park entirely through another hole dug by a wild boar under the exterior fence.


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    Wonder what the kangaroos used to bribe the fox and the boar?

    Unless I have included a link, it is my opinion and only my opinion that I am expressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21merc7 View Post
    Wonder what the kangaroos used to bribe the fox and the boar?
    God only knows what they smuggle in those pouches!

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    Maybe he promised to put some Roo in their 'Do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandora View Post
    God only knows what they smuggle in those pouches!

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    Oh God Who else thinks this will be video of the day for JVM this coming monday LoL ..
    Everything I Write Is JMHO ..

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    wonder how long they were planning this escape? LOL

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    Similar but different in a seriously sad way:(

    This story reminded me of this wallaby I've heard of - he has been missing for over a year!

    Missing wallaby spotted all around Edmonton
    July 11, 2011

    He's still out there - sightings of him a year later - surely he's had some help

    Wayward wallaby spotted near Stony Plain
    July 14, 2012

    There's a 1000 reward for him:


    It's by no means qualifies as news that makes me smile tho - not until Tyson is found!

    Well accept I realize maybe he prefer's his freedom...can't blame him!

    You think we could make a thread for him under "missing"?? would it "float"??

    It's really sad to think he's out there all alone, well accept for the assistance he has been receiving from others in the animal kingdom.

    Makes me want one, but I kno it's wrong & I would never!

    You're sure cute tho Tyson! Where you at?!
    Don't believe EVERYTHING you think.

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    WOW, that's really what I call team work.
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