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    UK - Hester Mottershead, 90, dies after home invasion, Tettenhall, 17 Aug 2012

    Murder inquiry as retired headmistress, 90, dies after being
    conned by thieves who said they were from the water board
    (Daily Mail)
    A murder inquiry has been launched into the death of a 90-year-old woman who collapsed after being conned by thieves posing as water board officials.

    Hester Mottershead died in hospital today after being taken ill at her home in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, yesterday afternoon, West Midlands Police said.
    Officers believe three men, possibly wearing blue overalls, spent about 30 minutes at Ms Mottershead's home after she answered her door early on Friday afternoon.

    The pensioner, who lives on her own, called police at 2.32pm and officers arrived within minutes, but she collapsed a short time later and was taken to hospital.
    much more, with pictures, at DM link above

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    This is less than ten minutes from me. Thanks for posting it Woofy.

    One thing that drives me crazy is strangers coming to the door. Charities, cold callers, religious advocates all often come knocking. Fortunately I have two "ferocious" beasties who bark their fool heads off but I'm also careful to watch out for our elderly neighbours. Too easily they're preyed upon.

    Poor lady. They're now saying she collapsed due to what is believed to be a stroke.

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