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    SC - Baby hospitalized after dad shook her violently


    James Davis Jr.

    Davis was arrested for child abuse causing great injury. He is being held at jail on no bond.

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    Heartbreaking seeing a once healthy and thriving baby hooked up to all kind of tubes and monitors, fighting for her life. Blessings to her and her mom... dad is a POS for shaking her like that... seriously, what exactly can a baby do that is so bad that you need to harm them to the brink of almost killing them? Nothing... not one thing... he's a monster.

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    Wonder where the Mom was when this happened?

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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenD View Post
    Wonder where the Mom was when this happened?
    In the video is says that the mom dropped off the baby with her ex-boyfriend (the childs father) and it showed a picture the mom had taken the day it happened of the little girl in the car before she dropped her off.

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    Horrible. They say the child is more likely to make it than not, but I can't help but wonder if she is going to have brain damage and what kind of level of functioning will return if she survives.
    Just my opinion

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    A Wellford man admitted to shaking his infant daughter after he “snapped,” causing a life-threatening brain injury from which the child is still recovering...

    Circuit Judge Derham Cole imposed the maximum 20-year sentence, suspended upon the service of 10 years and 5 years’ probation...

    [Assistant Solicitor] Jordan said C. was a perfectly healthy child broken in a moment of anger.

    Jodan said C. has made “significant improvements” and is now eating. A feeding tube she has soon might be removed, Jordan added.

    Yet, she still suffers. One side of her body has been affected. Jordan said that due to her young age, 16 months, the permanent physical, emotional and mental impacts are unknown and there’s no definite prognosis. C. continues to receive therapy and visit doctors...

    Davis’ voice cracked at times as he addressed Cole before sentencing.

    Davis said he prays every night that God will heal and protect his daughter and that she won’t suffer for what he’s done.

    “I love her so much,” Davis said.

    He said he cried for hours after receiving a photograph of his daughter.

    He also told Cole that upon learning he could possibly have supervised visitation if he completes parenting classes, anger management and other requirements, has a “glimmer of hope” that his daughter will forgive him and some day might be a “daddy’s girl.”

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    August 2015:

    At just 8 months old, she was shaken so severely by her father that she barely survived. Her mother, Amy Owensby, was told that she wouldn't make it through the night.

    But now, over two years later, Cheyenne, isn't just alive – she's doing extraordinary well despite the injuries to her brain.

    On a Facebook group called Prayers for Cheyenne Rae, Owensby of Wellford, South Carolina, posts fun photos of her lively 3-year-old daughter for almost 200,000 followers.


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    A girl who had half her brain removed after being shaken as an eight-month-old is now approaching age four and enjoying the childhood she almost lost...

    She underwent speech therapy but now 'talks great' and is able to walk using a cast, Prayers for Cheyenne said in early July.

    In May the group said that she was completely unable to walk because of balance issues.

    Her favorite thing to say is '‘I love you to the moon and back' and she likes to eat at Sonic's drive-thru...

    [Her mother] continued: 'Watching her look at something and have to hold it approximately 2" from her face bc her optic nerve damage from the blood behind her eyes when she was shaken.. watching her struggle so hard to do what the kids around her are doing, and my heart breaking a little more each time she can't.'

    She will need to have two upcoming surgeries, her mother says.

    Her mother is also warning other parents about causing immeasurable harm to their children in moments of rage.

    'It only takes a few seconds to change things forever,' Owensby told WYFF4..

    'A few seconds of frustration and anger to cause the unthinkable.'

    Lots of adorable pictures at link, but also some upsetting ones of Cheyenne in the hospital after major brain surgery.

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