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    Another clue to why someone is missing could be amnesia. How often does amnesia occur and how long does it last? Some information can be found in the link below. Feel free to discuss amnesia as a reason for a person going missing.

    Gabriel Nagy, Severe Amnesiac, Reunites With Family After 23 Years
    Most cases last for weeks or months, rather than years -- when UCLA honors student Ahmad Yaseen Arain vanished on his way to campus in 2004, he re-appeared six weeks later across the border in Tijuana with amnesia.


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    From what I understand, total amnesia is incredibly rare. Most cases are psychological; people don't want to face their reality and "forget" who they are.

    There are many different types of amnesia and many causes, such as trauma, a pathology of some sort, or like I said, a psychiatric issue.

    Amnesia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Little On / OT Here but I watched a Dr Phil show I think it was this past wendsay about a mom that left her kids at a gas station and they found her 13 hr's later 13 miles away and remembered nothing luckily the kids were cold but OK but she still says she has no memory of what happend..I really coundn't tell one way or the other if she was feeding us a load of crap or was sincear but I did find it odd that even if she left walking through the snow she made averege time 13 miles 13 hours thats a mile an hour and seemed to wind up at a hospitol seemed a little to pre planned in the route but then again who knows..
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    I used to be an accountant at a warehouse in Phoenix. One of the casual labor guys was from California. He woke up in a hospital bed, unable to remember anything. He had been mugged in a park and severly beaten. All he could remember of his past life was wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. He was badly disfigured from the attack Nobody ever claimed him and he worked day labor until he was killed by a hit and run driver.
    Amnesia really happens.

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    Yep, we had this case Dec 2012 where a WSer was instrumental in identifying Linda, an amnesia victim from the US who showed up at a Toronto homeless shelter.

    Thanks Sillybilly!

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