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    NH - Brian Wiggin, 20, dies from 1989 child abuse injuries, 9 June 2008

    A man who pleaded guilty 21 years ago to shaking a baby boy and severely injuring him has now been charged in connection with the boy's death.

    Read more: http://www.wmur.com/news/nh-news/Man...#ixzz24Ivj9AC7

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    From link above:

    The injuries left him an immobile quadriplegic and blind...

    Perreault said she had to feed her son through a tube and watched him suffer thousands of seizures. "Brian, he had big brown eyes, big eyelashes, he couldn't walk, he couldn't talk; he had numerous things he couldn't do but he laughed and he was happy all the time," Perreault said.

    Prosecutors said Perreault and Watson were in a relationship in 1989, and Watson was babysitting at the time of the assault.
    From June 2013:


    A Bristol man could serve as long as 37 years in prison for killing Brian Wiggin, who died in 2008 at age 20, after a life paralyzed and in pain from injuries he suffered as an infant.

    Bruce Watson, 47, pleaded guilty yesterday to manslaughter, admitting that in 1989, he shook and assaulted Wiggins hard enough to leave the boy blind and deaf and suffering from seizures for the rest of his life...

    Watson won’t be eligible for parole until at least 2026.

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