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    The hit and run possibility never occurred to me until now. It makes a lot more sense that Debra spent more than a minute inside the house. If she was getting a hammer and nails (as reported earlier), she may have had to go to the garage/tool shed/something of that nature to get them, my point there being that the tools probably weren't right inside the house. Jimmy could've walked into the road to look at a bird or animal, not realizing there was a car coming. If he were struck and killed/severely injured, the boards would've gone flying. The driver could've panicked and decided to cover up the accident and put the body in his car. Even if Debra was only gone for 3-5 minutes, this could've happened without her or anyone seeing anything.

    My only problem with the theory is that none of the neighbors reported seeing or hearing anything. I'd think there would've been screeching tires or something. It still makes a lot of sense to me, though.

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    My son looks exactly like Jimmy. It's absolutely haunting.

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