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    MD - Baltimore high school shooting, Perry Hall HS 2012

    Baltimore County Police are investigating a confirmed shooting at Perry Hall High School.

    Mike Hellgren has the breaking details.

    Police say a 17-year-old student has been shot and one suspect is in custody. A young man without a shirt was seen by Sky Eye Chopper 13 being escorted to a police cruiser in handcuffs. Police say there is no active shooter on campus.

    The injured student will be flown by Medevac to a nearby hospital. That male studentís condition is serious.

    There are unconfirmed reports the shooting happened in the school cafeteria and the victim was shot in the back.
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    Starting the school year out with a blast are we?
    The very first day of school, too.

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    I'm in the general vicinity of this area. It's a middle/upper middle class community, so it really is a shock for the folks who live there.
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    Seriously, this kids' former mugshot gives me the creeps. jmo.

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    "He hit 17-year-old Daniel Borowy, who has Down's Syndrome, in the back and fired a second shot as teachers grabbed him, police said. Police have said that it was a random shooting and that Borowy was not an intended target."

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz24slNqhB7
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    This is a local article that describes how troubled the shooter is and how dysfunctional his home life has been.

    It appears that the parental figures in his life were so troubled themselves that they failed to see he needed help before he reached a tipping point.

    He is completely responsible for his actions and should face an appropriate punishment, but given what he's been exposed to, it's little wonder he came to this end. I think he wanted to cause harm and expected to die at the same time.

    I fervently hope that the victim, Daniel, who has Down Syndrome and is a happy, loving teenager, pulls through and fully recovers, but I can't help feeling unsettled about the life of the teenager who caused it.
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    This is just more proof that we have an overcrowded school system. They need to come up with a program that students can monitor facebook or other social media sites to see what students are saying, and they possibly can earn extra credit. It can be totally confidential. Bulling is another subject that has to be dealt with. This is another kid who slipped through the cracks now a innocent kid with down's syndrome, is critically injured. By the way the parents of the boy who was shot in the back are asking for peoples prayers.
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    Laserdog Enterprises would like to bring you our version of a Tribute to the Angels of Newtown. Another school shooting in Georgia thankfully no children were hurt.

    Please take a few moments and visit the missing children site. We really need you.
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    "Classmates said Borowy always presented a friendly face in the hallways at school. Junior Kellie Boyd got to know him when the two shared the same lunch period last year, and said that Borowy was always quick to share an "I love you" or a "Good luck" any time she wore her basketball uniform to school."

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