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    OK - Troy, HispMale UP8636, 35-50, silver-edged #9 bridge, Jul'02

    The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has released a reconstruction of a middle-aged man originally thought to be a teenage boy.

    Can we find any missing people who might match?

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    Here's his NamUs UP Casefile:


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    I have a possible, not too sure about him though.

    Miguel Flores Aragon

    Right age
    Right time of death
    291 miles away (could be to dump him over the border if it was foul play).

    Apart from the fact that I just don't have the right 'gut feeling' about this one and the reconstruction and photo have quite a lot of inconsistances, I can't find any other information that this guy is missing or any pictures of him with his teeth showing. I'm wondering if he has been found and CharleyProject have not updated their site?

    Anyway, I've put it out there, perhaps someone else can take a look to approve/dismiss submission.


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    Throwing this out here. The resemblance to the reconstruction is not great. Although it seems there are at least some similarities.

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    Here are the rule outs for this John Doe, profile last updated July 2014:

    Bryce Herda 1988 Washington
    Ira Josytewa 1979 Arizona
    Randall D Lee 1951 Oklahoma
    Alan Soper 1952 Oklahoma
    Jondalar Washington 1980 Alaska
    Innocente Yanez 1972 Oklahoma

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