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    It almost seems worse for a baby to be neglected to death than to be abused to death. I mean, both unforgivable and sickening, but a parent who doesn't even care enough about her baby to hand her a bottle or keep her from rotting away in her own's beyond my ability to comprehend this.

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    Ex-Scott County woman found guilty in Texas for toddler daughter's starvation death

    Read more here:
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    We are all one poor choice from being a subject on this forum. Think twice.

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    "Senior Airman Christopher Perez was sentenced Oct. 18 to three years in prison and a dishonorable discharge for adultery and child endangerment in the August 2012 death of a toddler at her home on Dyess Air Force Base, Texas."

    More details at

    I wonder if the mom gets the maximum in a civilian court, if her lawyer will appeal because this man only got a 3 year sentence in a military court?

    IMO, he should have received the same charge since he lived in the house.

    Rest In Peace Tamryn.

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    To depressed to take care of her children but she managed to keep herself fed and lively enough for a new man! When I was severely depressed a man was the last thing I thought about! She is nothing but a lying POS and she should have gotten life.30yrs =15 with good behavior,not long enough.
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