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    PA Prostitution Charges Human Trafficking

    Enoch Smith is a pimp. So say his old jailhouse buddy David Ronan who had no idea where Smith got his money until he put two and two together. Not bad for an admitted heroin addict.

    The two were busted in Bensalem, but both are from Philadelphia. At link tells the sad all too true tale of young addicted women who work for drugs. Thanks to a tip about so much foot traffic cops in Bensalem checked it out only to find a woman trying to hide used needles. She flipped on Smith and Ronan and when Smith arrived at the hotel cops busted him. In his car were needles, and caps. Ronan admittedly said he worked for $20.00 worth of dope a day. Ummmmmmmmm, that's only two bags of heroin for an entire day? To be a lookout? That I highly doubt. He could steal a lousey twenty bucks.

    How does all this relate to children? So far one of the girls who worked for Smith is under 18 years of age. That young girl he posted photos of on the internet so basically they have him. They believe there's more underage girls.

    Meanwhile someone's mother is crying wondering what happened to her child. Someone's sister is begging for help for her sibling. Someone's child is reaching out their arms for their mother to hug them and they're holed up in a dive working for heroin and crack.


    BTW, this dude is freakin scary looking. I can see being afraid of him if you didn't have a firearm handy. Especially if he copped your dope for ya.

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    Where the h*** was he recruiting? The Ave?

    Two aliases "Drees" and "Idris".


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