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    UK - Chloe Burke, 4, stabbed to death, mom charged, 16 Feb 2011

    Very angry that Dawn Makin here in the UK, who stabbed her daughter aged 4 to death and tried to kill herself after being sacked has been jailed only for 12 years and will probably get out earlier for good behaviour.

    12 years for killing your child is a disgrace whether you suffered from depression or not. If you kill someone and they loose their life the person that did it should loose theirs too by spending the rest of their days behind bars.


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    EVERY SINGLE day I read something about people like her that get sentences like this. She will only serve 6 year as well. It'a an absolute disgrace. People do far worse and get far less as well. Life in the UK means life for only a handful of people. Absolutely disgusting and and insult to the victims families.

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    RIP little Chloe.

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