HOUSTON -- Three women used a baby in a stroller to help them escape after shoplifting at a store near downtown Houston, police told Local 2 Thursday.

Investigators said the women tried to shoplift from Marshall's, 1542 W. Gray, at 12:45 p.m."They had a baby in a stroller. They had placed merchandise behind the baby in a stroller and as they left the store, the manager approached them," said Sgt. Cullen Bean, with the Houston Police Department.''

The women took off, trying to escape. Witnesses told police one of the women tried to use the 5-month-old baby's stroller as a barricade."

They turned the baby stroller sideways, trying to block the manager. When they did, they flipped the stroller and the baby flipped out onto the concrete on the parking lot," Bean said.

Investigators said the women kept running, leaving the baby boy behind.