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    Unprecedented civil union unites Brazilian trio


    There was a similar outcry when "stable unions" between same-sex couples were allowed for the first time. The country's supreme court ruled that a gay couple in a civil union had the same rights as a married heterosexual couple, but there is debate about whether such rights can be extended to a trio.

    But to Domingues, a public notary in the city of Tupa in Sao Paulo state, there is nothing preventing nontraditional relationships from being granted "stable union" status.

    The trio considers themselves a family and is entitled to be seen as such in the public record, Domingues said.

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    And what will the state do when one spouse is incapacitated and the other two spouses disagree? This is not the stability intended by civil marriage.

    Are the three people a "family"? Sure, if they like. Fine with me. But a family is not the same as a married couple.

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