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    FL - Dr. charged with torturing and killing dog tied to tree

    Article is GRAPHIC


    Dr. Isaias Lerner, a cardiologist who works with the South Broward Physicians Group in Coconut Creek, has been charged with one count of animal cruelty with intent to kill.

    During questioning, Lerner reportedly admitted that he struck the dog a number of times on the head with a hammer. He said the dog ‘wobbled for a while then passed away’, according to the report.

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    "First do no harm," is a statement apparently lost on Dr. Isaias Lerner, a cardiologist who practices in Coconut Creek, Fla.

    According to Wednesday's publication of CBS Miami News, Dr. Lerner of the South Broward Physicians Group, is facing charges of animal cruelty for the brutal torture and death of a dog who allegedly died at the physician's hands last Thursday.

    The good doctor's bond? A mere $5,000
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    Wow, this is horrible. Whatever was going on? Is he mentally ill?

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    No trial in this case, the Dr. killed himself


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    He killed that dog in front of witnesses. The description is awful. I feel really terrible for the familys who had people they loved die under his care because if he was treating a family member of mine and they passed away I would wonder if he did something to make them suffer somehow.

    I be very upset by his suicide because I would want his medical career examined to ensure he was being a good doctor. I think I would just plain doubt him because how can a crappy human being be a good doctor?

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