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    WI - dad, friend charged in pit bull attack on son


    MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Wisconsin man who suspected an 18-year-old visiting his home of stealing morphine and gold coins was charged Thursday with tying the teen by his ankles and ordering his pit bull to attack, while the teen's own father helped.

    Richard R. Lisko, 58, is charged with false imprisonment, injury by negligent use of a dangerous weapon and substantial battery. The teen's father, Joel E. Kennedy, 43, is charged with being party to a crime of the same felonies, and also with failing to help a victim.............

    "My dad helped the guy tie me up," the teen told WISN-TV. "I was dripping blood everywhere, all over the place. I kept thinking `What's going to happen to me? What's going to happen to me?'"..............

    Lisko faces unrelated charges of child abuse stemming from 2011 allegations that he repeatedly punched a boy who tried to stop Lisko's dog from attacking the boy's mother. A jury trial in that case is set for December........

    The teen said his ordeal ended when Lisko's friend, Harry Haack, stopped by and demanded the men release him.

    "He's the only one who did the right thing," the teen told WISN...............

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    Some people do not belong in our civilized society. This is a case where the "parent" and his pal should be locked up, maybe should have been a while ago.

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    Joesl, Sr. said he didn't intervene because he was afraid of Lisko who is an "Outlaw" plus he wanted to teach his son a lesson.

    Haack meanwhile said "Bubba" the dog is very sweet, good dog who doesn't bother anyone including all of his cats.


    Ummm, I'd be afraid of Lisko too especially if his methadone and gold was missing and I was visiting.

    Haack came in and found the kid tied upside down by the ankles and had to "Yell at them two guys twice to let the kid down".

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