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    MI - Shawn Remington for child sexual abuse, Monroe, 2012

    A Monroe man is in jail on numerous felony charges in connection with the sexual assaults of children in a case that has led investigators to other areas of Michigan and as far back as 1997.

    Shawn Remington, 34, of Monroe is being held in the Monroe County jail on six counts of criminal sexual conduct, first degree.


    Chief Moore said Mr. Remington’s computer was seized and child pornography images were seized as evidence.


    This horrible person, if guilty as charged, befriended families and "helped" them with their children's transportation to and from school. Imagine the fear and dread this seven year old child, who finally reported the incidents to her mom after two years, must have felt each time that Shawn Remington showed up to fetch her home from school.

    This is the same county that saw the terrible (and still unsolved) murder of Nevaeh Buchanan a few years back. You'd think that local parents would be more vigilant, but I understand these POSs are often very deceiving.

    May God bless, comfort, protect and send healing to these children and their families.

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    Devastating. Nothing like the "do gooder" so willing to help out.

    This thankfully has nothing to do with this predators harming kids, but he was chalked up as an amateur photographer when he was at the scene of a car bomb. He got credit for numerous photographs. Child predators with cameras always sends up a red flag.


    Prayers for all the littles he has hurt.

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    Interesting. Thanks for the link, Filly.

    I hope that with what they found on his computer, they're able to nail some other offenders who he may have shared photos with.

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    Just saw this on the fox2 website.its a few days old.

    http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/19...ren-0907Monroe Police Chief Tom Moore tells The Monroe Evening News (http://bit.ly/QiIUuO ) "victims were turning up" as the police investigation continued, and he doesn't know "when it's going to end."


    He's been at this for awhile. '97. 15 yrs. he would've been 19. well I guess that just where the law starts at age of adult (18)lets us know. I wonder if he was a youth offender as well? jmo.

    IMO no man should have that much free time to do all that transporting/helping out w/ other people's children. Should be activly working, earning a pay-check or at their own home getting ready to go to that job or go to bed to rest for that job. jmo

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    Local chatter:


    Links and interesting quotes there. Check out the quote from the suspect's friend.

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    He says foster children placed in the custody of Remington's family have accused Remington of inappropriately touching them as well.

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    January 2014:

    In December Shawn R. Remington, 35, of Monroe pleaded no contest to two charges of criminal sexual assault, first degree, and one charge of criminal sexual conduct, second degree. In exchange for the plea, seven other counts of sexual assault were dismissed...

    [Judge Weipart] sentenced Mr. Remington to serve 18 to 40 years in prison.

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