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    Christian Bale Takes boy to disney

    I love Christian Bale his true character always shines through, not knowing him personally but seeing the things he does says alot. What a wonderful man he is.


    LOS ANGELES Nearly two months after visiting victims of the Aurora theater shooting, Christian Bale is filling the superhero role again, this time for a 4-year-old cancer survivor and Batman fan.

    Jayden Barber has fought and beat cancer twice in his short lifetime. A few weeks ago, his wish to meet Batman was fulfilled after members of the Lighting the Batsignal for Jayden Facebook group worked together to bring superheros to Boardman, Ohio.

    Shortly after the Aug. 23 event, Jayden was declared to be in remission. The attention Jayden had received because of the bat signal campaign caught the eye of Christian Bale, who upon learning the good news flew Jayden and his family to Los Angeles.

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    OMG-Those cheeks-how super adorable Jayden is!!!!!
    I wish him well!!

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