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    MI - Cops shoots and kills family golden retriever

    Original story:


    Fury ensues, follow up story:

    Police report:

    FB page Justice for Scout:


    Wasn't sure where to post this *mods move if needed* Some think it's a crime, and some don't so again...was unsure

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    Omg....so sad!

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    It's a crime as far as I'm concerned. There cannot be any legal reason for that puppy to be killed like that. Awful.

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    IMO< this cop got unreasonably angry that he had to use his breaks when the dog allegedly ran in front of his car. He pursued the dog determined to take his anger out on the pup. Cops don't normally waste so much time tracking down a dog which has not been reported or witnessesed threatening anyone. The poor pup was hunted down and provoked then executed.

    Betcha this cop has a history of anger problems, documented or not. Sounds like another DrewP to me. Wonder what his love life looks like?


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    Eyewitnesses say Officer Matt Vanhall pursued Scout, and eventually shot him just feet from the Goetzingers' home.

    Lori Walmsley watched it unfold from across the street.

    "It was as if the dog didn't go down fast enough. And he just kept shooting it over and over, until it finally tried to crawl back through its gate, Walmsley described.
    Officer Vanhall states in a police report, Scout ran at him, baring his teeth and tried to bite his leg. The police chief has told Goetzinger his officer was justified in firing his gun. But Walmsley observed otherwise.

    "There was no biting, no kicking, no struggle, Walmsley said.
    The officer's account:
    When Officer Van Hall corssed the street and approached the gate Scout came through the gate growling with teeth showing advancing toward Officer Van Hall.

    The officer retreated backwards and Scout kept advancing toward the officer. The officer continued retreating backward as he drew his weapon and fired.
    If you read further in the link, LE has released an apology, is furious with the media and the chief and officer that shot the dog are receiving death threats.

    I once watched a person bare his teeth, growl and advance on an officer. The officer drew his billy club not his gun. These days they also have pepper spray and a taser. He could have stayed in his vehicle and called animal control. I hate to doubt the officer but I do. Maybe making quick decisions while toting a gun isn't his best area. I think the chief is remiss if he doesn't look at this.

    Certainly death threats are not the answer.
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    I think the officer is trigger happy and should not be handling a gun. Fired 7 shots Unbelievable. I bet this lady does get justice for her dog. How sad. TGIRecovered hit it on the nail this dog was hunted down and the cop was a angry man and the dog was imurdered in his yard! RIP Scout.

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    This stuff is just getting to be systemic these days. Trigger happy cops with short fuses. If you have a dog and the cops come calling there's a good chace they'll shoot him.

    I was raised to respect the police and by and large I still do. They have a nasty job and I admire the good ones. Over the years I have come to believe that the majority are bullies. They put on a uniform and expect us to respect them. Fine but earn our respect while in the uniform.
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    And the worst part is probably if one of the bystanders tried to get between the officer and the dog, they'd be dead too.
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    I live in Michigan and I happen to live near a local hall where there are parties, receptions, memorials, etc.

    Since alcohol can be served the police have to stop by and check up on the party.

    My family has ALWAYS leashed and took our dogs out to potty when this happened. We worried about our dogs running or breaking free and heading over there.

    So sad, poor scout, and poor family. If that officer has no respect for animals how does he feel about people? Sad...
    The world is fierce but lots of fun.

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