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    MI - Prosecutor: No charges in Milton Hall shooting


    Police officials said Hall, armed with a knife, made threatening moves at the officers. The confrontation between police and Hall erupted into at least 46 shots fired at the homeless man who was known to have mental issues.

    This is really not going to sit well with the folks in saginaw....I can see rioting in the near future.

    (I was pretty sure there was a thread on this somewhere, but alas, I could not find it)

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    I know 46 shots sound like a lot. But once the police begin shooting, they ALL must shoot until they see the threat has been eliminated.

    We can't expect them to fire one shot at a time and then wait to see what happens. Too many police would die under such a rule.

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    This was about 45 minutes away from where we live. It makes me sick to my stomach, if you watch the video there was no reason for it. You can't tell me 8 "trained" cops and a k9 couldn't have injured him enough to put him into custody. His poor mother speaking about the case is heart breaking.

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    These cops absolutely sicken me. I just watched the video that was released on this case. These guys had SOOOOOOOOOO many other options on ending the situation and THAT was the worst possible way I can think of. How those cops weren't charged is beyond me and part of the reason why I fear a true rising up against LE in the future. I think it is generating so much hatred towards LE in general because the bad ones are rarely held accountable, that it is going to end up resulting in more LEO's shot and killed. Not a good situation for anyone in that case.

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