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    MT - Service dog stolen from deaf couple

    Missoula County detectives are searching for two people who reportedly stole a deaf couple's service dog.

    The couple said the theft occurred over labor day weekend at a camp ground in Lolo.

    Missoula County detectives said the suspects' names are Sam and Kim Goodwin. A Craigslist ad about the missing dog says the Goodwins were driving a 1993 blue Chevy pickup with an Oklahoma license plate.
    Read more: http://billingsgazette.com/news/stat...#ixzz26MhwGaRR
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    A beautiful dog!

    What kind of low-down-dirty-creep steals a service dog?

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    This just hurts my heart.

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    A wolf hybrid service dog? Wow.

    Hate to sound skeptical here about the "service dog" thing BUT this is an 18 month old wolf hybrid, I am sure the dog alerts to various threats however errrm.... The whole "service dog" thing is very loose, and if a person has a disability they can usually get a doctors note to say their dog is a service dog, which allows the dog to enter places dogs usually cannot go.

    I have read about folks trying to get their lap dogs listed as service dogs for convenience, so they can take them into restaurants and bars and such.

    Years ago I adopted out a young hyper female Doberman rescue to a deaf couple, they could have gotten the dog qualified as a service dog do to the owners disabilities, however you can be sure they were busy taking care of the dog and not the other way around.
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