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    Burness, Bruce 90 dob 5/26/1909 found 12/11/1999 # 369

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    This file is (unfortunately) mixed up. The deceased is named "Burness Bruce," not "Bruce Burness" and is a female. The listing is wrong on NamUs and the Spokane County Medical Examiner's Unclaimed Remains page (link here), and then reported incorrectly by The Spokesman-Review (link here).

    "United States Social Security Death Index," Burness O Bruce, 1999
    first name: Burness
    middle name: O
    last name: Bruce
    name suffix:
    birth date: 26 May 1909
    social security number: 534-46-5119
    place of issuance: Washington
    last residence: Spokane, Washington
    zip code of last residence: 99223
    death date: 11 December 1999
    estimated age at death: 90

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    Ms. Bruce is listed as an "inmate" in the 1940 census. I have found mentions of a State Custodial School in Espanola Township - Spokane in the 1930s and an Eastern State Hospital in Espanola Township - Spokane as well as references to an asylum. It sounds like she was institutionalized at the time of the census.

    "United States Census, 1940," Burness Bruce, Espanola Township, Spokane, Washington, United States
    name: Burness Bruce
    titles & terms:
    event: Census
    event year: 1940
    event place: Espanola Township, Spokane, Washington, United States
    gender: Female
    age: 31
    marital status: Single
    race (original):
    race (standardized): White
    relationship to head of household (original):
    relationship to head of household (standardized): Inmate
    birthplace: Washington
    estimated birth year: 1909
    residence in 1935: Chelan, Washington
    enumeration district number: 32-20
    family number:
    sheet number and letter: 9B
    line number: 72
    nara publication number: T627
    nara roll number: 4362
    digital folder number: 005460354
    image number: 00335

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    A family tree list Burness Bruce (but with just birth date so her family may not know she is deceased and unclaimed) so I am going to look into her family members next: Link here.

    She seems to have had seven siblings, also noted at link here, of whom four have children listed. One of her siblings appears to be her twin as they share the same birth date.

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    It looks like Burness Bruce had a twin named Beaurl. The family tree listed four children for Beaurl. I found an obituary for his wife who passed in 2011 listing the same four children and spouses (link here). I think I have found the contact information for the daughter of one of these children - who would be Burness Bruce's grand-niece. PM'ing the information to Raine and Nemo'sMom!

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    contact info

    Good work!

    I have emailed to the Spokane investigator. Looks like really good info!


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