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    SC - 81-year-old grabs, fondles child on way home from school


    James Holmes is charged with one count of assault and battery.

    The child's grandmother said the child was walking home from school when Holmes grabbed the child, hugged her, put his tongue in her mouth and touched her breast

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    Sickening! Isn't he a bit old for that?

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    What an idiot and sick man.

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    I am always torn when the perp is elderly to this degree.

    Not that this behavior is in any way acceptable mind you. Its just that I deal with a lot of the elderly in my work and as age rises, so does the possibility of dementia.

    One of the least talked about and yet not uncommon things to occur with dementia is inappropriate sexual behavior. It is confusing to the demented person and can be very embarrassing for the loved ones and caregivers. http://www.dementiaguide.com/symptom...ual_behaviour/

    I am not saying that is what is the case here. Simply saying that it is possible, given the perp's advanced age.

    Withholding judgment on whether this man is a pedo, a rapist, a creepy old man, or a sick elderly person who is someone's loved one.
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