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    CT - Craig Williams & Selina Robinson for child abuse, New Haven, 2012

    This poor baby's mother BETTER face charges!!!!


    New Haven man Craig Williams is being held without bail for allegedly beating his 9-year-old stepdaughter and inflicting "the worst case of child abuse I've ever seen," according to Assistant New Haven Police Chief Archie Generoso.

    The New Haven Register reported that Williams often beat, cut, and handcuffed his 9-year-old stepdaughter to a radiator. She told police that recent injuries stemmed from when he struck her with a baseball bat as she tried to hide from him under her dresser. He also at one point broke her hip and told her to tell doctors that she injured herself while riding her bike down a set of stairs. The girl said that her father also used a large flashlight and a black leather belt to beat her, and would sometimes take her to the basement to hide it from her mother.

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    Such a horrible life for this little girl. Soooo sad.
    And what charges are going to be brought to the Mother? Aiding and abetting?
    Nothing, really?
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    Failure to protect at the minimum
    and i hope to god those other kids are out of that household...

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    December 2014:

    The 11-year-old girl walked with a little smile into the courtroom Friday to tell a judge she is glad Craig Williams "cannot hurt any child anymore."

    "I am proud of myself," the girl, who endured years of brutal beatings at the hands of Williams, also said, because after she finally found the courage to run out of that house of horrors and tell strangers what was happening to her, "he was arrested and now will be in jail for a long time."

    Superior Court Judge Patrick J. Clifford, who sentenced Williams to a 25-year term, to be suspended after he serves 15 years, said it was the worst case of sustained abuse he has ever seen in his many years as a judge.

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    NEW HAVEN >> The mother of a girl who suffered years of abuse at the hands of her stepfather Thursday received a two-year suspended prison sentence.

    Selina Robinson, 39, who lived with the young girl and the stepfather, Craig Williams, had pleaded guilty last year to three misdemeanor counts of first-degree reckless endangerment.

    Superior Court Judge Patrick J. Clifford, who imposed the sentence, also required she serve three years of probation, have no contact with the victim and receive a mental health evaluation “and treatment as deemed appropriate.”

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    Senior Assistant State's Attorney John P. Doyle Jr. briefly listed some of the severe injuries Williams inflicted on his step-daughter: breaking her hip, punching a front tooth out of her mouth, stabbing her, beating her with a leather belt, a flashlight and a baseball bat...

    Her nightmare ended Sept. 8, 2012, when police received a report that a little girl was missing from her home on Edgewood Avenue. Shortly afterward, a couple walking their dog in Edgewood Park called police to say a girl was following them. She told them she liked their dog and that she had run away from home. She asked if she could come live with them.

    Doyle cited the police report that the girl's mother spoke on the phone with the woman of the couple and said, "Bring her home." But the woman, who had noticed scars, bruises and cuts on the girl's face, refused to do it. She told the mother she needed to come to the park and speak with police...

    The mother, Selina Robinson, has pending charges of three counts of first-degree reckless endangerment. She has pleaded guilty to the counts but has not been sentenced...

    After the girl got into the ambulance, the paramedic found even more injuries, all over her body.

    Fitzgerald quoted the girl saying: "My life has been a nightmare since I was 3 years old. He hates me because I'm not his kid."

    According to police, Williams didn't beat the other kids living in his home because they were his biological offspring...

    She did not look at Williams, who was sitting about 10 feet away in prison garb and was separated from her by Bagi, Doyle and Senior Assistant Public Defender Joseph E. Lopez. Williams stared straight ahead as the girl's statement was read.

    "Craig Williams, remember how you punished me for every little thing," she wrote. "I did my punishment, now you do yours. You got what you deserve and I hope you learned your lesson."

    "But I want you to know that you are very lucky that I did not sentence you," she added. "If it was up to me, you would get a death penalty."

    Williams, who winced as he heard that last line, stood up moments later and apologized to her.

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    What a brave little girl. I hope she can leave this nightmare in the past and continue to feel happy and loved. The story of her following the woman and her dog made me cry. She was so desperate to find a family to love her. Thank god she has that now.

    How can anyone hurt an innocent child?

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    I think this girl has every chance of coming out of this horror and succeeding in life. From what I've seen, victims who escape and ask for help, rather than remaining in a horrible situation helplessly, usually heal much better.

    And then, surprisingly, this abuser did the very unusual thing and made what appears to be a very sincere and public apology. How many victims say that's all they really want - for their abuser to acknowledge the damage and apologize?

    Prayers for her future - my guess is, it will be bright.

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