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    MI - Wayne Co., BlkFem UP10215, 25-45, Braids, Jul'98 - Name not found

    ME/C Case Number: 98-6138
    Wayne County, Michigan
    25 to 45 year old Black/African American Female

    Date found July 06, 1998
    Date of death months prior
    Not recognizable - Near complete or complete skeleton

    Body was recovered on two seperate dates-head, torso and leg on 7-3-98 and another leg on file 98-6059.

    Height (inches) 54, Estimated (which would make her 4 foot 5 inches! - suspect it's an input error and is 5 foot 4 inches)

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    Keilah Elizabeth Loatman

    Missing Since: April 29, 2007, (right date) from Detroit, Wayne County, (right county) Michigan

    Age: 43 (right age)
    Height: 5'6" (close IF there is that error I mentioned above)
    Weight: 140 lbs.
    Hair Color: Reddish Brown, long and braided (right hair)
    Eye Color: Brown
    Race: Black
    Gender: Female
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Keilah has a small scar on her abdomen,
    toward the midline, from a tubal ligation. Her nose was pierced, but she did not typically wear jewelry. Keilah has a light complexion.
    Clothing: Keilah was known to wear a scarf when she went to work;
    she was probably wearing a scarf when she disappeared. Her purse is missing.
    AKA: Keilah's nicknames are Lisi and Kay.
    Case Number: NE-328

    Details of Disappearance
    Keilah Loatman has been missing since April 29 after she got a flat tire on her red 1997 GMC Safari somewhere in Highland Park. Loatman's live-in boyfriend got a call from a man late that night telling him she had a flat tire on her way home from a job in Palmer Woods, where she was laying tile. Loatman's boyfriend then asked to speak with her, and she told him she was fine but that the car couldn't be driven home. The family had no other car, so the boyfriend told her to take a cab home. She said that she would be getting a ride home from a male named "Mitchell" who is unknown to her boyfriend and her family. It was the last time anybody heard from her. Her car was found at Hamilton and Pitkin at 5 a.m. the following morning, its two front tires missing. According to her family Loatman didn't have any troubles at home and would not have taken off without telling anyone. She is a mother of three.

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    Keilah went missing in 2007, 9 years after this UID was found. Couldn't possibly be a match. Keep looking though!

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    Urrgghh you are quite right, I've got her down as missing in 1997 in my personal spreadsheets. My own fault DOH!

    Thanks for catching that.

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    It wont let me see her NamUs page. Has she been identified?

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    Page still down, and no females listed a UID in MI for 1998 anymore.

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