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    ‘Fatal Attraction’ at 25: Inside the ending you didn’t see in theaters

    It's been 25 years, and she still won't be ignored.

    "Fatal Attraction" opened on September 18, 1987, and it dramatically shook up both the movie industry and the very institution of marriage. The story of a married man's affair with a seriously unhinged woman was not just a smash hit, but a conversation starter. It went on to earn $156 million (nearly $320M adjusted for inflation) and six Academy Award nominations, cementing lead actors Michael Douglas and Glenn Close as A-list stars.

    But would any of those successes have happened if the movie ended the way it was originally written? The climactic scene in the theatrical version -- with Alex (Close) attacking Dan (Douglas) in his home, only to be finally killed by Dan's wife Beth (Anne Archer) -- was not the ending that was first filmed. The first ending was darker and more downbeat, but after test audiences responded poorly to it, the final scene was completely reshot.

    Details and a screen shot at link:


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    I remember going to see this in the theater as a first date with this oddball guy that had been asking me out for weeks. It was his pick and while the movie was riveting and downright creepy, at times, my date was way creepier. LoL Every freaking time I see mention of this movie, Creepy Date's weird all-teeth grin and head bobbing pops to mind. (It was the only date I had with him.... his name eludes me, but I swear he was later arrested for exposing himself to some young girls, in 88)

    Has anyone ever seen the British tv movie this was based on? It was called 'Diversion.' I remember seeing the first part of it many years ago and always pondered how it ended, in comparison to Fatal Attraction...

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    I am so glad they did reshoot the ending. I liked the ending the way we all saw it. I don't think I would have enjoyed the movie as much if she would have just killed herself in the end and Dan would have taken the blame for his prints being on the knife.

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    Whenever I think of this movie I remember Glenn Closes's threatening line.....something like "I won't be ignored, Dan!" Chilling! She was terrific in that roll....they all were....great movie, great ending!

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