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    Witnesses not interviewed or otherwise discounted

    According to this earlier article the family that lived in the guest house were expected to be interviewed. I wonder if that ever happened.

    "It's jarring stuff, and MRX has tumbled all morning as investors realized that Shacknai will be sidelined and distracted by the investigation. In addition to Shacknai, police will probably want to talk to Shacknai's ex-wife, Dina Flores, who also lives in Coronado, and the second family that rents the guest house attached to the house. Meanwhile, police have taken evidence from the house including a large painting and a table with a broken leg."


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    Who was this man?

    According to this article, "Shacknai's ex-wife, a clinical psychologist based in Arizona, also lives part-time at a nearby home in Coronado. News 8 spoke to an unidentified man at her home, who said she was not prepared to make a public statement at this time. He added that she was at the hospital with her son at the time of the incident at the mansion."


    Nina also stated in her audio interview that there were four people at Dina's house the night Rebecca was killed. She said that besides her son and self there was a man and a woman who were not a couple. I wonder if any of them were interviewed?

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    Did police ever interview Adam's neighbors?

    According to this article, "As the media started to dig into the story they have found discrepancies in Adam’s story, his neighbours believed he was away working on a tanker, while he was actually found to be staying in the mansion, nobody it seems knew he was there. While Adam has been questioned by the police, they claim that this is just a routine part of the investigation....Nalepa and Shacknai have been together for two years, but it has not been revealed as to whether the relationship start caused the end of the relationship between Shacknai and his ex-wife Dina Flores. Police have however been found at a number of locations including the Flores residence since the story broke. The Coronado residence that Nalepa was found in, had a number of living occupants in the house (and estate) however it is believed that both she and Adam were the only occupants at the house at the time of the incident.

    Read more: http://newsflavor.com/alternative/rebecca-nalepa-found-dead-at-house-two-days-after-child-has-tragic-fall/#ixzz27N16iC7A"


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    Maybe Kimberly should have been interviewed.

    This piece stated, "According to court documents, Kimberly James requested an order of protection against Mr. Shaknai when she filed for divorce. She also asked for the filing fees to be waived and did not have legal representation. Court documents indicate Kimberly petitioned the courts for a mental health expert in regards to the child visitation and custody. The courts also subpoenaed mental health records in the case."


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    I wonder how many of these people were interviewed?

    The phone logs revealed five calls on July 11 and one call on July 12 from Coronado police detective Thomas Adkins, who was investigating Max Shacknai's fall. (More details of Detective Adkins' investigation are contained in a search warrant that was unsealed by San Diego Superior Court Judge David Danielsen at the request of News 8 and other media outlets).

    News 8 investigated the listings on Zahau's cell phone logs within 48 hours of her death and found phone numbers linked to the following individuals:

    - Jonah Shacknai, Rebecca's boyfriend
    - Mary Zahau-Loehner, Rebecca's sister
    - Adam Shacknai, Jonah's brother
    - Dr. Howard Luber, Jonah's friend
    -Gideon & Marcelle Shacknai, Jonah's father & step-mother
    - Xena Zahau, Rebecca's sister
    - Nina Romano, Jonah's ex sister-in-law
    - Det. Thomas Adkins, Coronado Police detective
    - Snowem Horwath, Rebecca's sister
    - Caroline Niles, Coronado, Calif.
    - Valerie Flores, Medicis employee
    - Coronado Bay Urgent Care (treated Xena Zahau for leg injury)
    - Camp Diggity Dogs, dog daycare facility

    The San Diego County Medical Examiner ruled Zahau's death a suicide on Sept. 2 and the Sheriff's department has closed its death investigation. None of the individuals listed above have been named as suspects.

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