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    Question about autopsy

    I need help with an autopsy. I have searched the internet and have not been able to find an answer. I am hoping someone in the medical or forensic field would have an explanation. I have found a lot of information about acetone in the urine, but nothing about acetone in the blood.
    This is from an autopsy, Blood: Acetone - 0.03%, what does this indicate?

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    Acetone in the blood is a ketone, an indicator of diabetes, kidney issues, even just a low carb diet.

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    blood acetone

    Thank you for your response. My father died under suspicious circumstances and the manner of death was undetermined. The injuries could have occured from a fall or been inflicted by an assailant. I always suspected foul play. After hiring a private investigator, I went to the police with information that was found. Now, after almost a year, they are telling me that the blood acetone level, proves my dad had a chemical imbalance and his death was an accident. This was not new information. It was on the autopsy report all along. The police have closed the case, yet the manner of death has not changed. It remains undetermined. Shouldn't this be a cold case. It has never been solved.

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