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    Canada - Jessie Garwood, 87, Winnipeg, 22 Feb 2004

    I wasn't sure where to put this? I thought here or Cold Cases, but it's not exactly a cold case.

    "A Winnipeg man who has spent years investigating his mother's death says he has solid evidence that her death was a homicide and not the accident police claim it was."

    After reading the circumstances, it's hard to believe that this poor woman's death was ruled an accident.

    I hope Mr Garwood sees justice for his mother.

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    i have no idea how they could have rueld in accidental!! just too many questions. the step-granddaughter being there to answer the 911, the life alert thing not being on her...the checks.
    we need to encourage harder sentencing on those that are harming our children. our children are worth it!!

    stop the circus!! these children as all children deserve to be found and justice brought forth for what has happened to them!!

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    It wouldn't be the first time a murder of an elderly person was wrongly thought to be unsuspicious. Look at how many of Harold Shipman's victims were buried as natural deaths before anybody even realised a serial killer was at work.

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