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    Lost Oklahoma woman missing 5 days found alive in the Arkansas woods

    Lost Oklahoma woman found alive in Arkansas woods (Daily Oklahoman)
    Shelly Friend didn't know if they would find her aunt alive.

    Linda Arteaga, 53, of Blackwell, had been missing in the woods of north-central Arkansas for five days, and the odds were not in her favor.

    The teams of police and emergency officials called it a “search and recover” mission, not “search and rescue.”

    “You understood they were looking for a body, not a survivor, and that's what we were kind of expecting,” said Friend, who lives in north-central Arkansas.

    But at noon Thursday, a volunteer on an all-terrain vehicle found Arteaga about two miles from where she started, in a wooden region close to St. Joe, Ark.
    more at the link

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    Her brother knew they were both lost and thought he saw her on a porch so didn't mention her until the day before she was found and no one else knew she was missing til then either. Unless cops thought foul play, i don't see why she was thought dead since there was a creek and watercress and the weather isn't below freezing. The berries were not so great though.

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