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    LA - Mother leaves toddler at park, mother arrested

    I cannot comprehend this...
    I lost one of my kids once.. it was at a mall and i turned around and he wasn't there and it was the scariest 4 minutes of my life..time stood still and i just kept yelling louder and louder until i was almost screaming his name..

    How could any human just leave their child at a park and not care what happens to them... she claimed him THE NEXT day after seeing him on TV... she never reported him missing or anything......


    Police arrested 39-year-old Sherry Lee Wednesday night on a charge of child desertion.

    Lee admitted to leaving her child in the park Tuesday morning unsupervised and never attempted to locate the child.

    She lo0oks all gross and nasty, I REALLY hope that poor baby is put up for adoption into a wonderful home...

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    She went to claim him after seeing him on TV.....did she think he was a purse or something ? Seriously, I hope they find a more suitable home for the little one. She's 39 years old, not a young teen mom. I wonder if she has other children.

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    "Friend is stunned mom left child alone in park". Not sure how good a friend it is, but the guy said she's a good mom. IMO she's got something seriously wrong with her aside from messing up her dreads big time.

    Little asked for mom and grandmom, but the friend said as far as she knew she had no family in NOLA. I tried to find anything on her, but couldn't.


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