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    WA - Skamania Co., Human remains found, Sep'12 - Kenneth Stovner


    (Looks like remains were actually found a week ago)

    "A homeowner bulldozing brush off Turk Road in Skamania County found human remains Sunday afternoon, the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office said Friday.
    Sheriff’s deputies finished a four-day investigation and will send the remains to a forensic lab to determine the identity and sex of the person, Undersheriff Dave Cox said."

    Gender and cause of death have not been determined.

    Locals are wondering about Kyron Horman, of course. A much older case is Dale Schroeder... And I've always wanted to find out what happened to Jaime Grism. There are a number of local ones, actually. Until we know how long the remains were there, it's tough to even speculate....

    (As a local, I find some of the comments under the article very embarrassing. I mean, really, saying "what a strange thing to dump there". I don't even know where to begin responding to that. *sigh*
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    A run-away may leave on purpose, but that doesn't mean that they are able to get back home.... Never stop searching.

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    those comments Annie Oakley are not too off the wall.

    if this story ran in a New Jersey online article, you'd see comment about politics, racism and gun control even though the article has nothing to do with those subjects.

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    Usually when they talk about finding human remains, they say things like "We're checking missing persons reports from the area" and "If anyone knows anything, please call." Here they're talking about recovered evidence and don't jump to conclusions. I think they have a really strong suspicion who it is and they just aren't saying yet.
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    Thats the feeling I had as well. I felt like the language here was important and their discretion was for a purpose.
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    The decedent has been identified as Kenneth P. Stovner, who has been missing since April 1980, when he was 39 years old.


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    I lived in Portland / Vancouver / Camas for a total of 6 years. I cannot think of a better urban area in which to hide a body. The way the blackberries grow, you could put someone out in the median strip along Interstate 5 and no one would ever find them.

    I thought it was interesting, one article said they didn't think it was D.B. Cooper. That kind of made me snicker that they're still looking for him. I think that makes my point. That, and this guy who was 1/2 mile from where he disappeared, but not found for 32 years! Did anyone find any info about the disappearance? Anything suspicious?

    I have followed Kyron's case and had the same thought about the heavy vegetation and all the water. With just a little forethought and planning you could easily hide a little body out there. At this point, the only way Kyron will ever be found is by accident, and it could be a long long time.

    It also goes to show just how many missing people there are, and most of them aren't famous cases.

    OT: Does Tonya Harding still live around there?
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